Brokers Committee

Objectives Responsibilities
a) To serve as the voice of commercial property brokers (including office, industrial and retail brokers) within and outside of SAPOA.

b) To keep track of all new developments and laws which affect or are of interest to commercial brokers.

c) To keep in touch with all commercial brokers and inform and seek input from them relating to any issues affecting the brokers.

d) To provide a platform and/or forum to assist, liaise and to work closely with any formal or informal organisation, company, Government department or individual in the interests of the broking fraternity.

e) To assist wherever possible to promote the image of SAPOA

f) To assist wherever possible to recruit new members to SAPOA

g) To deal with any commercial property broker issues including, but not restricted to arbitration on request, training, building of broker image and professionalism.

h) To encourage and educate new entrants into the property market for the purposes of a professional career in the sector
i) Liaison with members of SAPOA within the fraternity.

ii) Liaison with government both at National and local levels.

iii) Discuss the application of the Bills, Acts, Policies affecting the property brokers etc.

iv) To act as one voice for the property broker sector.

v) Comment and make recommendations with regard to the above.