National Developers Forum

The objective of the National Developers Forum is firstly to review policy and legislation that may affect property developers, including legislation that is open for comment or debate, assess what the impact of the legislation may be and investigate avenues to embark on or influence changes to the policy or legislation.

To this end the forum is actively involved in engagement with the Department of Rural Development & Land Reform concerning a number of issues that affect property development. Such issues include the excision of agricultural holdings, the implementation of SPLUMA, professional planners in municipal employ, overlapping legislation and jurisdictions, clearances for registration and conditions of establishment and subdivision.

The most recent policy review to come under the spotlight here is the proposed Policy Framework for Municipal Development Charges tabled by National Treasury.

The second objective is to participate in structuring the environment in which developers operate. Here the forum has been actively involved in the formulation of the COJ's IDP and SDF. The services Andrew Barker Development Consultant were utilised in this regard.

Thirdly the forum looks for opportunities where the property developers can participate in public development programs with provincial and municipal authorities and agencies, including understanding incentives offered for development. Most recently here are the development incentives offered by the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency.

Lastly the forum acts as a funnel through which property developers can channel problems they are experiencing into the SAPOA organization with a view to resolving them in as much as SAPOA can.

SAPOA invites all property developers to participate in the National Development Forum either by coming to their meeting or through the NDF portal on the SAPOA website.

The current committee members are:

Name Organisation
Warwick Lord (Chair) Lord Trust
John Martin iPROP
Richard Bennet iPROP
Pierre Witthuhn Eris Property Group
Siya Mbanjwa Crowie Projects
Nnema Byrd Stanlib Africa Direct Property Development Fund
Lionel Kisten Landmark Real Estate Services (Pty) Ltd
Limor Shklaz GC Partners
Yusuf Patel  
Lekgolo Mayatula ( Planning and Development Manager) SAPOA
Mitta Ndaba (Committee Coordinator) SAPOA

Meeting dates
12 November 2015
10:00 - 11:00

Agenda for next meeting
Coming soon

Contact details
For further information contact Mitta on 011 883 0679 or or John on 082 560 7285 or