Government Liaison Committee

Objectives Responsibilities
a)    Liaise with and lobby government at all levels in dealing with issues that are of interest or concern to SAPOA members.

b) Allow for all other SAPOA committees issues related to government to be forwarded to this committee through the committee representatives and only the Government Liaison committee would liaise or lobby with the government

c)    Be a strategic in-house body that will streamline, co-ordinate and carry out liaison and lobbying with government.

d) Ensure that all Government issues that arise from the work of this committee shall be a consensus view of SAPOA.

e) Be proactive rather than reactive when liaising with or lobbying government
i. Identify government departments that are SAPOA members.

ii. Keep a good record that informs of the relationships that already exist with the government and SAPOA's credibility with different levels of government.

iii. Property industry research to inform government.

iv. Identify the applicable government departments and stakeholders, build relationships with these sectors.

v. Identify which departments are responsible for specific property issues.

vi. In addition, the committee shall examine any other matters referred to it by SAPOA.