Membership Benefits

What can SAPOA do for me?

Let SAPOA become your partner in profitability. We assist our members in developing their businesses through education, research, information, publications, remuneration surveys, technical committees and action on legislation. As a member-driven association, SAPOA enables you to become involved through committee participation in virtually any area relating to property - management, development or investment. A major benefit of joining SAPOA is the opportunity to network. Members, from the smallest to the biggest, enjoy access to other industry leaders. This ensures growth and dynamism within our fascinating industry. Our members willingly give of their time and benefit from sharing their expertise with other experts. The combined knowledge is a relevant SAPOA platform and has contributed significantly to SAPOA being recognised as the official voice of the commercial property industry in South Africa.

These committees include:

  • Brokers Committee
  • Marketing and Communication Committee
  • Convention Committee
  • National Developers Committee
  • Environment &Sustainability Committee
  • Government Liaison Committee
  • Education, Training and Development Committee
  • Legal Committee
  • Method of Measuring Floor Areas Committee
  • Property Manager's Committee
  • Property Owners Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Innovative Excellence Awards Committee

SAPOA Benefits

SAPOA members enjoy the following benefits at no extra cost

The Premier Network of leading commercial Property Players

  • Monitoring legislation and lobbying government
  • Complimentary publications
  • Access to the industry’s latest information through the SAPOA website
  • Opportunities to participate on various committees created to discuss matter of concern to the industry

In addition Members enjoy the following benefits at discounted membership rates

  • The Annual Convention& Property Exhibition
  • Professionally designed educational programmes
  • Seminars, workshops and breakfast sessions


SAPOA partners with universities including the University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria, The Free State University, Nelson Mandela University and University of Witwatersrand to offer Professional Property Education Courses.  SAPOA runs several basic to high level education courses ranging from three days to one year certificate programmes. The courses are offered countrywide, making them easily accessible to the property industry.

Courses include:

  • Immovable Asset Management Programm (IAMP)
  • Building Construction Technology Programme (BCTP)
  • The Introduction to Commercial Property Programme
  • The Essential Commercial Property Programme
  • Property Development Programme
  • Certificate for the Commercial Property Practitioner
  • Property Management Programme
  • Facilities Management Programme
  • Intensive Property Management Programme
  • International Leadership Management Programme

SAPOA also offers numerous short courses and seminars throughout the year.

News & Publications

These include:

  • SA Property Review,
  • The Property Developer
  • Method of Measuring Floor Areas
  • The SAPOA Property Register
  • The Annual Report


SAPOA recognises that property statistics and research are invaluable.  In association with IPD SA, SAPOA initiated a statistics and research commitee, to examine the office, industrial an retail property sectors. These statistics prove useful not only to our members, but also to government and they promote sound networking relationships with the authorities. Members can access the following research reports from the SAPOA website:-

  • Office Vacancy Survey
  • Industrial Vacancy Survey
  • Capitalisation and Discount Rate Survey
  • Market Trends Report
  • Operating Cost Report

Annual SAPOA International Convention and Property Exhibition

South Africa's leading event for the property industry is the place to be seen, do business, learn and network. This powerful and effective marketing forum offers you various opportunities to convey your marketing message to the people who drive our industry.
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Networking Functions

SAPOA creates substantial networking opportunities through events such as the Convention, Networking evenings, Seminars and Workshops


The national office monitors all national legislation affecting the property industry. Government at all levels prefers to work with organised trade associations on legislation. The combined expertise of SAPOA's members is regarded as a valuable source of knowledge.

Government Liaison

There is a concerted effort by both the national office and the provincial regions to establish and maintain working relationships with government at all levels. Government accepts that SAPOA's members, being major stakeholders, have a vital role to play in the economic direction off the country.

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