Office Vacancy Survey Committee (OVS)

Objectives Responsibilities
a) To Provide an accurate and unbiased view of office vacancies within the parameters and methodology defined by the committee in consultation with broker members, other region vacancy committees and SAPOA research consultants.

b) To provide a participative forum in the exercise of the above objective, that ensures a moderated view of the office market, including new developments, asking rentals, applicable trends, etc.

c) To ensure that each broker member keeps track of stock and required information and to facilitate where possible access to SAPOA landlord members and non-members in the pursuit of accurate market information
i) Liaison with members of SAPOA within the fraternity and particularly Brokers and Landlords that can contribute to the survey.

ii) Interrogate and aggregate data emerging from working meetings in consultation with appointed consultants

iii) Facilitate the obtaining of base line information from members and additional experts from time-to-time or as available

iv) Veto and make recommendation with regards to any new members arising from resignations or growth

v) Review policies and methodologies suitable to survey requirements and member participation

vi) Comment and make recommendations with regard to the above.

vii) In addition, the committee shall examine any other matters referred to it by SAPOA members.