Vision & Mission Statement


"To be a nationally accepted and internationally recognised leading property association"


"SAPOA's mission is to be committed to actively and responsibly represent, protect and advance our members' commercial property interests within the property industry."

Aims and Objectives

SAPOA is committed to protecting the interests of the commercial and industrial property sectors, in terms of ownership, management and development.

Our objectives are based on the principles of the free enterprise system as the only workable economic system and the inalienability of property ownership, not only for its members but also for the future of South Africa, and its competitiveness in the world arena.

SAPOA's aims and objectives include:
Maintaining a unique organisation which encourages its members to share their expertise through active participation in the association.
Fostering key relationships whilst maintaining government acceptability
Maintaining a non-political bias whilst participating in government legislative structures.
Contributing through excellence in educational programmes and setting quality standards.
Providing an efficient forum for responding to change.
Providing a source of information useful not only to our members but also to government at various levels and to the industry as a whole, through a significant involvement in the collection and dissemination of property data and statistics.