SAPOA partners with several universities for all Real Estate courses.

The educational efforts of SAPOA are aimed at:

Increasing knowledge and skills of the property industry amongst employees within the industry

Ensuring that the content of programs / workshops and other educational interventions are aligned to industry needs.

Raising employability and/or competence of the practitioners and professionals in the industry.


All SAPOA Education Courses are held nationally in partnership with various universities. The Universities obtain accreditation for their qualifications through the Higher Education Quality Committee of the Council for Higher Education (HEQC of the CHE), recognized by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as the Education and Training Quality Assurance body (ETQA). Companies can claim refunds from their skills levy when their employees attend short courses presented by SAPOA through the University.

These courses are incorporated into their companies’ skills plans which they submit to the SETA’s. The real estate programs are accompanied by an assessment that promotes understanding and application of the information provided. We offer you the opportunity to gain a real estate qualification at the doorsteps of the largest concentration of real estate employers on the African continent. This enables you to start a career in the most sophisticated real estate market in Africa.